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"I consulted Andrew for weight loss. He helped me to strengthen my willpower to eat more healthily and only to eat when I was actually hungry rather than snacking unnecessarily. I have lost 3kg in 3 weeks."

Wellington Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Specialist

You know how tiresome it is to get those jibes about your weight, from your family, friends and colleagues. Missing out on playing with your kids, and not joining them doing active pursuits is hard too. As is the pressure of being their role model!

Plus, there's the endless nagging from your doctor, to go on a diet or even to have invasive surgery for your weight. Maybe they said you have the early warning signs of diabetes, or heart problems, or diagnosed you that horrible label, "obese"?

When you think back over the years, there must be many times when you have wished there was a way to stop eating and drinking all those high sugar and carbohydrate goodies that seem to float from shop to fridge to mouth all too easily!


We help you lose weight without diets or surgery - with hypnosis & coaching!

As well having his own Weight And Shape Program (WASP), Andrew Hardwick is also a Virtual Gastric Band Certified Practitioner, using the weight loss hypnosis methodology made world famous by the pioneering work of British Hypnotherapist Sheila Granger

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Advisory Notice:

Weight loss hypnosis is a structured process NOT a single-session “magic wand” event. We strongly advise you not to undertake any weight loss hypnosis that claims to create your mindset for weight loss in just 1 session, no matter how much cheaper they usually are. The number of disillusioned people who have come to us after having been disappointed by wasting money on “one session wonders” offered by other local Hypnotherapists has unfortunately grown yet again this year. We are currently working hard to reeducate potential clients of this unfortunate trend. As such, you will find that our weight loss programs are a MINIMUM of 4 sessions 

Hear what a very satisfied client had to say after just ONE session of hypnosis

Testimony recorded & published with the full permission of Rachel, who is describing her positive
experience after just 1 session of our Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnosis Program

Certified Virtual gastric band Practitioner


The Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) programs I provide are based upon the process taught by UK Hypnotherapist Sheila Granger, who pioneered the VGB process. It has been clinically trialled in the UK National Health Service. Although there are other Hypnotherapists in NZ who also trained with Sheila there are, sadly, also some who use the name Virtual Gastric Band, but who actually provide a different process under the same name.  That is not illegal, because the term Virtual Gastric Band cannot be copyrighted. However, it may not be possible for you to know whether their version has been clinically trialled or not.  For your safety, I advise you to look for providers who, like me, display one or both of the badges above, as these can only be used by Certified Virtual Gastric Band Practitioners trained under Sheila's methods. For the same reason, I do not display my prices, as I am not prepared to compromise the value of Sheila's process by comparing it to other programs of the same name.  (I will tell you my prices when we talk) Further points of difference are that I have 30+ years of experience as a Registered General Nurse and Registered Mental Health Nurse upon which to draw. Plus, of course, I have used the VGB myself to lose over 25kgs. So I speak from personal experience too. (See below)

Andrew Hardwick Used Virtual Gastric Band For His Own Weight Loss Journey

Andrew's weight loss hypnosis journey

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Testimonial: Hypnosis for Weight Management

I consulted Andrew for weight loss. He helped me to strengthen my willpower to eat more healthily and only to eat when I was actually hungry rather than snacking unnecessarily. I have lost 3kg in 3 weeks

Client J

Testimonial: Hypnosis for Weight Management 

Amazing experience, nothing like what I thought it would be. Andrew helped me see positive things in my mind that I would never have have been able to imagine by myself and embed them in my mind


Testimonial: Hypnosis for Weight Management 

I felt so relaxed during my session but could hear everything Andrew was saying. My body was relaxed and it was a wonderful experience. The subtle messages that Andrew used were brilliant. I could actually see my future clearly in my mind and it was beautiful. Definitely a bonus to feel this good!


Testimonial: Hypnosis for Weight Loss & Addiction to Chocolate

Before Christmas I was having difficulty in losing the last 1.5kg of 5kg. This was mainly due to my chocolate addiction. I had 2 sessions with Andy, and after the first session I didn't want to eat chocolate. I didn't have the compulsion anymore. He was at all times very professional and very reassuring. I now use his techniques to get to sleep at night


Why Do We Gain Weight?

Weight gain happens when the amount of calories in the food you eat is greater than the amount of calories your mind & body uses up during activity. Most commonly this happens because of stress, which leads to poor eating & exercise habits.  Eating too much or too often, or eating the "wrong" type of food can lead to weight gain. But there are so many different diets available, many with conflicting information, that what exactly constitutes "wrong" foods depends largely upon which food "expert" authors you decide to believe. 

Weight Gain Can Lead To Obesity

Obesity itself is not a disease, but rather is a symptom of pre-existing diseases & health issues, such as trauma, stress and anxiety, resulting in unhealthy eating & exercise habits. Obesity can also be a pre-cursor to diseases such as diabetes, hypertention (high blood pressure) & heart disease. 

How We Help You With Hypnosis

Hypnosis has many uses with regard to losing weight.  Firstly, hypnosis can be used to reduce your response to stress, anxiety and the emotional triggers which have (in the past) caused you to turn to comfort food. Also, in hypnosis, your mind is open to suggestions of doing things differently. As such you will be more able to accept suggestions of eating different foods, and of doing regular exercise

The Virtual Gastric Band

Over a decade ago, with the rise of the global obesity epidemic, surgeons created a way to reduce the useable size of the stomach, by the surgical implantation of a band near the top of the stomach. The reduced size of the stomach enables only small meals to be eaten, thus promoting weight loss.
Unfortunately, not everyone is suitable for the surgical gastric band procedure, ironically because their weight is already too high to risk anesthesia or the life-saving surgery that could save them.  Then, along came a wonderful idea from British Hypnotherapist Sheila Granger. Why not let the mind act "as if" the body has a gastric band in place, using hypnosis? And so was born the Virtual Gastric Band. Clinical trials in the UK are demonstrating success rates of 95% for the people who have used it!
Now, the Virtual Gastric Band is here in New Zealand, and I have been trained to use it by Sheila Granger herself. 
In order for you make an informed decision, I am offering FREE Complementary Consultations of 30 minutes duration, so that you can ask me questions about how hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and the Virtual Gastric Band Program can help you to lose weight. After this FREE Complementary Consultation of 30 Minutes duration, you are under NO OBLIGATION to purchase 1 of our paid Virtual Gastric Band Packages unless you choose to.

What If I don't Want The Virtual Gastric Band?

That's OK, because we can devise for you a personal weight loss program too
A tailor made program can be put together to suit your medical & personal needs, & may include any or all of the following elements:
  • Setting realistic weight loss goals
  • Conquer your emotional eating
  • Dealing with a sweet tooth
  • Reducing the risk of weight gain after having a baby
  • Reducing the risk of weight gain after stopping smoking
  • Sticking to a diet and/or exercise plan (including Diabetic Diet)
  • Hypnosis & Self-Hypnosis for Stress & Anxiety relief 
We are approved providers of the Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) developed by UK Clinical Hypnotherapist Sheila Granger, for which UK clinical trials demonstrate a 95% success rate. 
Virtual Gastric Band, Weight Loss Hypnosis, Weight Loss Hypnotherapy, VGB
  • Andrew Hardwick Hypnotherapy is not a medical practitioner, and we do not provide a diagnosis or a prognosis for medical conditions. 
  • We do recommend that you seek the advice of a medical practitioner if you have any medical conditions. 
  • Andrew Hardwick Hypnotherapy do not claim that any of the services we provide will be 100% effective for 100% of people. 
  • Indeed, for some our services may be highly effective, whilst for others our services may not have any effect at all. 
  • As such, although we shall endeavour to use our skills to help you to achieve your goals, we do not offer a guarantee of results. 
  • Nor do we offer a money-back guarantee. 
  • What you are paying for is our time and expertise. 

As a Hypnotherapist I do not make diagnoses about your health, so I advise you to see your doctor if you have any of the above issues.


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