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"I consulted Andrew for weight loss. He helped me to strengthen my willpower to eat more healthily and only to eat when I was actually hungry rather than snacking unnecessarily. I have lost 3kg in 3 weeks."


Disclaimer: All testimonials are published with the informed consent of my clients

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Testimonial: Weight Loss Virtual Gastric Band Program

Testimonial: Tai Chi Classes

Testimonial for Tai Chi 3rd June 2016

Testimonial: Hypnosis To Stop Gambling

George was a gambler, and asked me to help him with his choice to stop gambling, with hypnosis

Testimony recorded & published with the full permission of George, after 1 month of not gambling

Testimonial: Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnosis

Hear what a very satisfied client had to say after just ONE session of hypnosis...

Testimony recorded & published with the full permission of Rachel, who is describing her positive

experience after just 1 session of our Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnosis Program

Testimonial: Hypnotherapy Via Skype (Wellington NZ to Sydney, NSW, Australia)

I saw Andrew a month or so back for hypnotherapy when I had an upcoming hospital visit, which included a 24 hour fast, which I was super anxious about. 

Andrew relieved my anxiety and helped me learn hypnotic techniques to use during my fast (which I have used again since!) which helped me cope much better without eating!

Before seeing Andrew I was panicking daily, worried about the surgery, but after our hypnosis session I was confident and I was able to push the date to the back of my mind so I wasn't constantly worried about it.

Thank you so much Andrew!

You're amazing!

Tanya Collins (March 2016) ~ Published on Facebook by Tanya on 8th March 2016

Testimonial: SleepTalk for Children

Last week we met with Andrew to find out more about the Goulding Sleep Talk method in the hope of helping our 5 year old son who after having started school 6 months ago had lost his confidence and self-esteem. He was displaying worrying behaviours such as hitting other children and not knowing why and telling us and his teachers that he was bad.  It has been a stressful time and heart breaking to see our son clearly suffering.  Andrew explained Sleep Talk and showed us what to do, which seemed very easy and we were comfortable with trying this.  After just two nights of Sleep Talk on our son he had a perfect day at school, which the headmaster proudly commented on and that was followed by two further awesome days at school and certificate of achievement presented at assembly, which he was so proud of.  We have experienced a profound positive reaction to Sleep Talk, our confident and happy little boy is shining through and looks forward to going to school.  Thank you Andrew, you have truly made a wonderful difference in our lives in literally a matter of hours.  We have read the Goulding Process Foundation of Sleep Talk book and it has been enlightening – I wish I had been given this book when our son was born, it should be something every new parent reads because it is a wonderful insight. We look forward to seeing you at the review.

Kindest regards,

Emma (March 2016)

Testimonial: Hypnotherapy & Coaching For Elite Athlete ~ Kendo

I went to see Andrew for a variety of reasons, and one of them was to help me with my goal of passing 6th level black belt grade in Kendo (Japanese fencing).  It is a very difficult and elusive grade to pass. The challenger has two 1 minute fights and must impress a panel of high level Sensei that they can dominate and control their opponent in a very short time. There is a lot of room for doubt and worry about not being 'right' in those moments. Andrew carefully unpacked some of the barriers I had around my psychological preparation and gave me excellent achievable skills to assist in my self belief and personal hurdles.

It worked!

After 35 years of training, and 7 years trying for this grade I performed as I prepared and visualised in the lead up to and on the day.

Thank you so very much Andrew.

Sue Lytollis (June 2015)

Hypnosis for Children - Night Terrors & Sleep Issues

Hi Andrew.  How are you? I hope life is great in Welly and you are well!  A quick update for you on Harry's sleeping journey. We've now been in Motueka, Tasman for 2.5 months now and absolutely LOVING IT!

Harry has settled in to life down here extremely easily. He's loving his new school and life and from the very first night we moved in to the cottage, he has slept in his own bed. We bought him a bigger bed, which, coupled with the work you and Harry did together, seems to have transformed his life. There have only been a handful of nights where he has come in to our room having been woken by heavy rain or other "unfamiliar" sounds. Other than that, he goes to bed without a hitch, sleeps like a baby and tells me he has really good sleeps.
We all are so happy and it's a fantastic result - so thanks again, for your support and professional guidance.

Take care

Steph Fry (April 2014)

Hypnosis for Diabetes & Sleep Issues

I have had three hypnotherapy sessions with Andrew for help with healthy eating for my diabetes (I was always craving sweet things) and for help with continually waking up during the night. I can testify that only on the odd occasion now do I have something sweet (piece of birthday cake or a muffin) and my continual craving for sweet things has gone. With the right eating and exercise I have lost weight to the point that I am now in a healthy weight range with a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) My GO is very happy with me and of course I am delighted. I do not remember when I bought chocolate biscuits or any kind of sweet biscuits or buns last. Also my sleep disturbance has improved and if I do wake during the night I easily go back to sleep again. I found Andrew very helpful, friendly and most supportive.

Carol (December 2012)

Hypnosis for Conception & Fertility

After 21/2 years of trying to conceive, having a number of tests which came back saying my partner and I were all OK, I looked to myself and wondered if it was more a mental barrier stopping the miracle of pregnancy occuring. Counting days, then the disappointment of not being pregnant did seem to take its toll after this length of time, and my optimism seemed to diminish month after month.

I was lucky enough to come across Andrew's website, and after having a conversation via the phone, I felt Hypnotherapy was definitely worthwhile to get me in the right head space and visualise myself being a mum. I came out of my first session with Andrew looking at the "glass half full again", and believed it was only a matter of time until I became a mum.
Dana (May 2012)

So here we are 5 weeks later, and I'm happy to announce I'm pregnant for the first time, and couldn't be happier!

I'm sure there are a lot of people who have been in the same situation, and as well as being physically ready you need to be emotional, and visualise this happening. I wish you all the best if you are heading down this path, as I look forward to the amazing journey my partner and I now have ahead of us.

Hypnosis for Children - Self-Control

A few weeks ago I took my then 4 year old son to see Andrew as, after researching what Hypnotherapy can achieve for people, I hoped that Andrew would be able to help Dominic realise that he can calm down quickly when things don't go his way. Dominic was an easy baby, but when he turned 18 months old he entered into the so-called "terrible twos" phase. He quickly became prone to long and violent fits of rage when he didn't get his own way. This is normal enough, but what I found frustrating was that Dominic wasn't able to get hold of his emotions once he'd dropped them. Worse was that this behaviour looked set to stay, and as Dom approached 5 years old I felt that I had to do something more constructive to address the situation than simply sending Dominic into time out. Andrew hypnotised him while I was there, and used a series of metaphors to explain to Dominic's subconscious that he did have the ability to control himself more, and that he'd even benefit from doing so, by having a more comfortable and fun life. Almost immediately after the session I could see that he was a more calm and relaxed little boy. This has continued - While Dominic does still have normal tantrums (he's a child after all), what is fantastic for him is that he is able to recover from them far more quickly than before. This has had an enormously positive effect on the whole family. We all of us enjoy life more. Thanks Andrew.

Rebecca Edmunds, Wellington (May 2012)

Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Andrew was able to help me with smoking cessation thru hypnotherapy. He put me at ease from the first moment with him.

I found him through word of mouth. He was recommended to me via someone who had used his services. I am smokefree still

Shona writes about being a non-smoker for 6 months after just 1 session of hypnosis

Hypnosis for Children - Sleep Issues

We brought Hannah to Andrew because she was having trouble staying asleep and had developed a fear of being in her bedroom alone, this had escalated over time and was affecting not only Hannah's sleep but the whole families. I felt totally comfortable leaving Hannah in Andrew's care and she thoroughly enjoyed her sessions with him. After 3 sessions she was able to go to bed without hysterics and sleep through the night, if she did wake up she was able to go back to sleep. I wouldn't hesitate in putting her through more hypnotherapy if any further issues come up.

Mother, Janine

Daughter, Hannah (Age 10yrs)

I close my eyes and hear Andrew gently talk to me. I feel like I'm awake but I'm so relaxed and tired that I could dose forever. It's weird my brain is talking for me and I don't do anything. The next thing I know Andrew is waking me up and I feel really relaxed and refreshed. Now I go off to bed without being scared and can sleep the whole night without waking up, I even sometimes turned off my light.

Hypnosis for Anger Management, Needle Phobia and Fertility

I know I've achieved a great deal within myself, I feel like I have a window to my soul through my imagination, I'm finally discovering who I am and what makes me happy. I have a long road to go but this is the exciting beginning of possibility and hope. I've been using relaxation, breathing and visualisation techniques on myself (which i've learnt from our sessions) for various things, but one of them is to get over my fear of needles, which I've had since I was a child. Well, after weeks of practicising I have put it to the test today, I had my blood test without pain, fear, or any anxiety, actually if you were a fly on the wall you'd never guess I was ever scared of needles. Further proof of the further successes I've gained from the hypnotherapy sessions. I'm looking forward to working with you on Birth by hypnosis, I'm due in early March so would look to start in January, I'll make contact then.

Wellington lady, 2011 (Name withheld on request)

Hypnosis for Weight Management

I consulted Andrew for weight loss. He helped me to strengthen my willpower to eat more healthily and only to eat when I was actually hungry rather than snacking unnecessarily. I have lost 3kg in 3 weeks

Client J, 8th December 2010

Hypnosis for Public Speaking and Workplace Presentations

Just following up on the session you provided me a couple of Sundays ago. I can confirm my presentation went very well, flawless perhaps. I must admit however I did experience anxiety prior to it, but obviously something kicked in and it worked. Thanks very much for your giving up your time on the Sunday, it was much appreciated.

Client F, August 2010

Hypnosis for Business Performance Enhancement

I found Andrew to be very calm in disposition and knowledgeable about hypnotherapy. He researched the areas of behaviour I was trying to modify through hypnotherapy deeply and has had a very positive effect on my behaviour. I would have no problems recommending his services to anybody who believes hypnotherapy can help them to achieve more out of life. It is working for me.

Max, June 2010

Hypnosis for Weight Management

Amazing experience, nothing like what I thought it would be. Andrew helped me see positive things in my mind that I would never have have been able to imagine by myself and embed them in my mind

Monique, May 2010

Hypnosis for Weight Management

I felt so relaxed during my session but could hear everything Andrew was saying. My body was relaxed and it was a wonderful experience. The subtle messages that Andrew used were brilliant. I could actually see my future clearly in my mind and it was beautiful. Definitely a bonus to feel this good!

Kalani, April 2010 - Lost 3kg just 7 days after 1 session of hypnotherapy

Hypnosis for Addiction to Chocolate

Before Christmas I was having difficulty in losing the last 1.5kg of 5kg. This was mainly due to my chocolate addiction. I had 2 sessions with Andy, and after the first session I didn't want to eat chocolate. I didn't have the compulsion anymore. He was at all times very professional and very reassuring. I now use his techniques to get to sleep at night

Helen, March 2010

Hypnosis for General Anxiety Disorder and Social Phobia of Using Telephones

I had 4 visits to Andrew, and found hypnotherapy very helpful. Andrew's bright and positive outlook gave me the confidence in my everyday life, and motivation to work on a happier life-style for the future. I highly recommend Andrew as a Hypnotherapist and wish him luck

Robyn, February 2010

Hypnosis for Nail Biting

I had a successful session with Andrew. He was very professional and non-judgemental. I would recommend him highly.

Lucy, February 2010

Hypnosis for a Phobia of Using Ladders

Having climbed hills and abseiled down buildings without a second thought, I have often wondered how I developed a phobia to going up beyond the third step of a set of ladders. As such, I was immensely grateful to a hypnotherapy colleague who freed me of my phobia in a single session

Andrew, November 2009


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