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"I consulted Andrew for weight loss. He helped me to strengthen my willpower to eat more healthily and only to eat when I was actually hungry rather than snacking unnecessarily. I have lost 3kg in 3 weeks."


We know that your professional life is very busy, with little free time and lots of stress. You have responsibilities, relationships, a personal life, and are probably wanting to enjoy some rest and recreation

  • Do you play professional or semi-professional sport for a living?
  • Or over the years you have taken an interest in sport or martial arts? 
  • Maybe you just like sport for your own personal pleasure?
  • Maybe you like to stretch yourself, or see how good you can become?
  • Maybe you're competitive in singles, doubles, or even in team events?
  • Maybe you go along for a social opportunity, just to make friends and get out?
  • Or maybe you go because your doctor said you need to exercise?
  • You want to be the best you can be at sport BECAUSE YOU'RE WORTH IT!


We can devise a sports performance program to focus on YOU and your goals 

  • We are not personal trainers, fitness coaches or sport psychologists
  • We will not try to convince you that some technique or tactic is good or bad
  • We cannot prescribe and will not recommend performance enhancing drugs 

Testimonial: Hypnotherapy & Coaching For Elite Athlete ~ Kendo

I went to see Andrew for a variety of reasons, and one of them was to help me with my goal of passing 6th level black belt grade in Kendo (Japanese fencing). 

It is a very difficult and elusive grade to pass. The challenger has two 1 minute fights and must impress a panel of high level Sensei that they can dominate and control their opponent in a very short time. There is a lot of room for doubt and worry about not being 'right' in those moments. Andrew carefully unpacked some of the barriers I had around my psychological preparation and gave me excellent achievable skills to assist in my self belief and personal hurdles.

It worked! After 35 years of training, and 7 years trying for this grade I performed as I prepared and visualised in the lead up to and on the day.

Thank you so very much Andrew.

Sue Lytollis, NZ's 1st female 6th Dan at Kendo (June 2015)


  • Andrew Hardwick Hypnotherapy is not a medical practitioner, and we do not provide a diagnosis or a prognosis for medical conditions. 
  • We do recommend that you seek the advice of a medical practitioner if you have any medical conditions. 
  • Furthermore, Andrew Hardwick Hypnotherapy do not claim that any of the services we provide will be 100% effective for 100% of people. 
  • Indeed, for some our services may be highly effective, whilst for others our services may not have any effect at all. 
  • As such, although we shall endeavour to use our skills to help you to achieve your goals, we do not offer a guarantee of results. 
  • Nor do we offer a money-back guarantee. 
  • What you are paying for is our time and expertise. 

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