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"I consulted Andrew for weight loss. He helped me to strengthen my willpower to eat more healthily and only to eat when I was actually hungry rather than snacking unnecessarily. I have lost 3kg in 3 weeks."


Phobias Are Irrational Fears & Hypnosis Can Enable You To Face Them

All unconscious behaviour originates with a positive intent.

Even strong emotions such as fear have the purpose of keeping each of us safe.  For example, a fear of being run over is healthy when crossing the road. But a phobia happens when the fear you have is no longer rational. For example, if your fear of being run over is so strong that it prevents you from ever crossing a road, even when there is a pedestrian crossing or a set of traffic lights to stop the cars first.

Testimonial: Hypnosis for a Phobia of Using Ladders

Having climbed hills and abseiled down buildings without a second thought, I have often wondered how I developed a phobia to going up beyond the third step of a set of ladders. As such, I was immensely grateful to a hypnotherapy colleague who freed me of my phobia in a single session


Phobias That We Have Worked With

If your phobia is not on this list, please contact me to discuss

Fear of public speaking
Fear of failure
Fear of success
Fear of spiders, Weta or other creepy crawlies
Fear of heights
Fear of enclosed spaces
Fear of open spaces
Social phobias (Meeting people or talking on telephone)
Fear of blood
Fear of elevators
Fear of clowns or circuses
Fear of darkness or nighttime
Fear of night-terrors
Fear of sleeping alone in the house
Fear of certain foods
Fear of strangers
Fear of forming relationships
Fear of flying
Fear of falling

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