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"I consulted Andrew for weight loss. He helped me to strengthen my willpower to eat more healthily and only to eat when I was actually hungry rather than snacking unnecessarily. I have lost 3kg in 3 weeks."

Life Coach, Abundance Coach, Executive Coach, Tai Chi Coach

Coaching Brings Out The Best In Yourself & Others

There are many types of coaching and coaches. We provide 1-to-1 or 1-to-many motivational consultations, for Coaching, Coach, Wellington, Hutt, Life Coach, Executive Coach, Tai Chi Coach, Abundance Coach, confidence, motivation, public speaking

Plus we do seminars, workshops, talks and supervised practice, to direct, instruct and train you and your team.

Our Mission is to enable you to identify, clarify and achieve specific goals and develop specific skills.

Please visit the following pages for more specific service details:

Abundance Coaching for "The Secret" of how to attract what you really want in life
Executive Coaching for team building and development of your leadership and management team
Life Coaching is personal development to bring out the best in yourself
Tai Chi Coaching because Personal Training isn't just done in a gym with weights


  • Andrew Hardwick Hypnotherapy is not a medical practitioner, and we do not provide a diagnosis or a prognosis for medical conditions. 
  • We do recommend that you seek the advice of a medical practitioner if you have any medical conditions. 
  • Furthermore, Andrew Hardwick Hypnotherapy do not claim that any of the services we provide will be 100% effective for 100% of people. 
  • Indeed, for some our services may be highly effective, whilst for others our services may not have any effect at all. 
  • As such, although we shall endeavour to use our skills to help you to achieve your goals, we do not offer a guarantee of results. 
  • Nor do we offer a money-back guarantee. 
  • What you are paying for is our time and expertise. 

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