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"I consulted Andrew for weight loss. He helped me to strengthen my willpower to eat more healthily and only to eat when I was actually hungry rather than snacking unnecessarily. I have lost 3kg in 3 weeks."

Coaching / Abundance Coaching / Executive Coaching / Business Coaching


What You Focus Upon Increases In Abundance

When you focus upon saving money, the money you save increases, and when you focus upon spending money, the money you spend increases. When you focus upon pain, the neural pathways of your brain recognise what pain looks like, sounds like and feels like, dedicates more of your brain to the process, and so your pain increases - With both of these things, and more, when you focus on them you notice an abundance of them.  

The trick is therefore to avoid focussing upon the wrong things, such as negative emotions like, pain, anger, fear, and instead to focus upon what you want, such as health, wealth and success 

Coaching / Abundance Coaching / Executive Coaching / Business Coaching

Abundance Coaching

Fully utilize your imagination and the power of your mind, to focus upon the right things, so as to create personal transformations and breakthroughs. It incorporates not just the conscious, conversational model of life coaching, but also a deeper, unconscious process of helping you to harness the power of your imagination, your subconscious mind, and to get access to deeper resources, so that you can gain more audacious and ambitious results.

Abundance Hypnosis Coaching

Add the emotional artistry of hypnosis to all the above, to engage strong emotions at a sub-conscious level. This increases motivation, whilst also locking in behavioural change far more quickly and easily

We Coach You To

Unleash your potential
Create a philosophy of success
Learn life mastery skills
Change your perception of "the rules" and how they apply to you
Change stuck to unstuck


  • Andrew Hardwick Hypnotherapy is not a medical practitioner, and we do not provide a diagnosis or a prognosis for medical conditions. 
  • We do recommend that you seek the advice of a medical practitioner if you have any medical conditions. 
  • Furthermore, Andrew Hardwick Hypnotherapy do not claim that any of the services we provide will be 100% effective for 100% of people. 
  • Indeed, for some our services may be highly effective, whilst for others our services may not have any effect at all. 
  • As such, although we shall endeavour to use our skills to help you to achieve your goals, we do not offer a guarantee of results. 
  • Nor do we offer a money-back guarantee. 
  • What you are paying for is our time and expertise. 

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